March 4–6, 2018


San Antonio, TX


Printing Industry Leaders

ABOUT President's Conference 2018

Join us at the 2018 President’s Conference, March 4–6 in San Antonio, Texas. This year the focus is “Innovations in Leadership” to explore strategies and resources designed to help you better serve your customers while improving your operational and financial objectives.

In addition to the opportunity to network and learn from industry peers, we also will be honoring Best Workplaces in the Americas (BWA) winners during a luncheon presentation. The BWA and the new Safety Shield program are open to any U.S. or Canadian printer and graphic communications company or supplier to the industry. Winners exemplify print industry excellence in human relations and safety. You can learn full details of the BWA program at

Let’s put innovation at the forefront of leadership excellence.


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Conference Schedule

Golf Activity

Welcome Reception

Michael Makin

Introductory Remarks

Ken Rutkowski

Future Trends in Printing, Business, and Media

The greatest challenge for the printing industry is not just keeping its current customers happy, but anticipating the needs of its future consumer base. Every printer in the future, whether they knows it or not, will be a software company. Not only will the entire operating environment become software-defined and virtual, software will shape the way the enterprise defines its very identity. The key for future success is predicting the program code for the customers, by taking cues from other businesses that have re-programed themselves. Elon Musk has taken two stagnant businesses, space & automotive and turned it upside-down by turning them into software mindset.
Pete Hayes

The Growth Gears: How Operationally-Oriented Companies Become Market Leaders

Often the best run companies have the hardest time growing. This is because the skills needed to run an efficient business are different than the skills needed to significantly grow a business. This keynote will help operationally excellent companies who struggle with growth approach marketing with a logical, linear Growth Gear model.
Lisbeth Lyons

Advocacy Bootcamp: Being an Industry Advocate at the Federal, State, and Local Levels

Tired of the misperceptions and myths surrounding print’s relevance and future? Wondering how and where you can make an impact in political and policy debates? This workshop-style session will focus on mobilization tools and training to create best-in-class industry advocates. Attendees will leave armed with grassroots techniques so their companies can deliver effective advocacy on behalf of the industry.
Gary Jones and Marcia Kinter

How to Handle an OSHA Violation

Even though the Trump Administration is working to roll back regulations, the printing industry maintains its designation as a high industry by OSHA for amputations. This means OSHA is still conducting random inspections, on average at least one to two printing operations per week and the average total penalties have been $40,000. This program will provide you the information needed to understand the new and relevant key OSHA regulations and what steps needed to become compliant. OSHA has dramatically increased their fines, so don't wait until they come knocking on your door. Be proactive!
David Nelsen

Social Media for Business—How to Use It; Why You Can’t Ignore It

In this continuously updated presentation packed with "too many" actionable takeaways, Vistage Speaker of the Year Dave Nelsen provides a road map for the continuously evolving world of social media and social networking. LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Slack, and related services are changing the way the world communicates in business... for both B2C and B2B companies. Dave explains the various services, describes how and when to use them, and shares concrete examples of organizations creating new best practices for bi-directionally engaging customers. As Charles Darwin said, "It's not the strongest or the most intelligent that survive but those that adapt to a changing environment most quickly." This is as true for business as it is for life, but on an accelerated time scale. This presentation will help leaders use social media to adapt most quickly—to enable their organizations to realize new competitive advantages.
Gal Shweiki

Open Book Management: A Radical Approach to Running a Printing Company

Two years ago Shweiki Media began the process of opening up the books to their employees. They adopted the Open Book Management (OMB) philosophy from Jack Stack’s book The Great Game of Business. This philosophy involves four basic practices:
  1. Training employees to understand financial statements.
  2. Empowering them to use that information in cost cutting and quality improvement
  3. Trusting them as business partners.
  4. Rewarding them fairly for the companies success.
Gal Shweiki discusses the OBM process and why after seeing the early results he agrees with Jack that this is the only “sensible way to run a business.”
Todd Butler

6 Reasons Why Companies Should Consider an ESOP

Even the most financially sophisticated professionals often hold misconceptions about employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs). Get past the misconceptions and hear the facts. Learn why ESOPs are often the best option for printing companies when owners seek liquidity events, exit strategies, and ownership succession.
Cyle Coffman

Data Security

Adriane Harrison

Introductory Remarks

David Fenske and Dave Hoffer

Design Thinking in the Graphic Communications Industry

We keep hearing we need to rapidly change to meet market needs. That's easy to say, but how do you do it? We suggest you consider employing the process of Design Thinking—a systematic way to solve problems and rapidly implement solutions and at the same time reduce your level of risk. The core of design thinking is ideating (brainstorming) how to solve customers' problems discovered through an empathetic investigative process. This is followed by prototyping and testing the solutions. Design Thinking is already used effectively to cope with the rapid rate of disruption caused by digitization in communications, education, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and many other industries. Much of Design Thinking is common sense, and many good sales reps and sales and marketing managers use aspects of the concept day in and day out. its great potential is when it is all put together as a process that will result in more sales, higher proifts, and more satisfied customers.

Tuesday Keynote #2

Roundtable Discussions

Topic Table Discussions

David Fenske and Dave Hoffer

How to Create a New Business Plan with Design Thinking

Phillip Kelley

Now Is the Best Time to Be a Printer…Ever!

Nate Oland

Insurance Premiums—Controlled Expense or Unnecessary Profit Leak?

You have insurance, but are you covered? Are you paying more than you need to? Insurance is very complex and can be very confusing. This discussion focuses on some common coverage concerns and presents real-life examples of the different factors that determine a printing companies insurance premiums. Attendees will get a better idea of how they can take control of their insurance and risk management programs, which help to reduce future costs.

763 Approach to Success

Why are you worth someone's time? How do you develop ideas that can help others and you to be more successful? Peter Muir, president of Bizucate Inc, will share the 763 Approach to Success that has its origins in business development selling. Better understanding your audience can help you develop a more desirable value proposition of what you can do together. By developing three good ideas you are at the ready to share these three ideas at any moment with your customer/prospect or anyone you're looking to connect with in your life. It's always good to be able to add value rather than asking, "What can I do to help you." The 763 Approach to Success easily helps you add value by better understanding who you have the opportunity to help.

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Ken Rutkowski

Business Rockstars

Pete Hayes

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David Fenske

Fenske Media

Dave Hoffer

McKinsey New Ventures

Nate Oland

Federated Insurance

Lisbeth Lyons

Printing Industries of America

Gal Shweiki

Shweiki Media

Cyle Coffman

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Gary Jones

Printing Industries of America

David Nelsen

Dialog Consulting

Peter Muir


Todd Butler

Tenor Capital Partners

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